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Embracing the
Spirit of Giving

Marin Suites Partners with Marin Monarch for a Greener 2024

In the season of generosity, we're committed to upholding the tradition of giving back to our local community. As an independently and family-owned establishment for 60 years, we understand the vital role community support plays in the success of local businesses. Going beyond, we've joined forces with Marin Monarch in our eco-friendly initiatives. A percentage of our proceeds will be dedicated to supporting Marin Monarch's mission, contributing to the creation of a more sustainable footprint in California. Together, let's make a positive impact.

Book today and receive:

  • 10% off your stay
  • 2 reusable aluminum Marin Suites PATHwaters
  • Portion will be donated to Marin Monarchs


To learn more about Marin Suites efforts on sustainability please click here